Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The total solution with Streacom FC8

This Music Server is in small size but with very high sound quality !





Main board







Main clock



Heat sink tube


Music SSD and V2 USB card




Red SATA slim and pico box


120W Linear PSU,

This PSU is the one of the best PSU you can find


Heavy metal chassis approx 7kgs


Audio grade power cables


Back panel


DC output cable



I recommend to use  "Windows Server 2012 R2" with "AudiophileOptimizer (AO) by"



 You will get very high sound quality in a small size!


  1. Hi Paul,

    this looks very interesting to me. What about the price?


  2. Hi Paul,

    I am interested in ordering this system but I have questions regarding a custom configuration and I would like your advice on whether my requests would impact the ability of your system to produce top quality output:

    1. For practical reasons, I need to be able to use MS Windows 8.1 Pro 64. I would like to utilize JRiver MC20 to play my music. How would this affect the sound quality compared to Windows Server 2012 R2?

    2. Is it ok to put the OS and music files on the same SSD or is it best to keep the OS on a separate SSD?

    3. I also need to be able to connect to 2 monitors at a resolution of 2560x1440 each using DVI-D connections. The motherboard you are using has only 2 HDMI 1.4 ports. I am not sure if there are HDMI-dual link DVI-D cables available that can get me this resolution. Are you able to use other motherboards besides this Gigabyte model?

    Thank you,

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