Sunday, May 8, 2016


CD-Ripping Guide
Recommend to use the DVD-Burner made of  MediaTek chip,
ASUS DVD-Burner is using MediaTek chip.
There is no clock inside the ASUS DVD-Burner,
If you have good SATA cable & good main board clock,
It will be better than any  DVD-Burner with clock inside.

In the other hand,
To ensure the ripping quality,
You will need to use your best sever for the ripping.

DVD-Burner with solid aluminum suspend block

12V lead-acid battery to powered the DVD-Burner

12V & 5V battery adapter for the 12V lead-acid battery

Using 1M SATA cable connect to the server

Please use the Demagnetizing Magnetc Memagnetizer   for CD before rip

Very nice music & recording 

I am using foobar2000 to rip CD.

Ripping Demo Pieces:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The total solution with Streacom FC5 including Dual PC mode

This is a High End Grade Music Server with Stracom FC5WD EVO Chassis

 Dual Regulator Modules

+20V regulator for the wide range pico box to the Main board

Wide range pico box,
The pico box powered the Main Board only.

Dual rails regolator module,
+12V for the CPU,
+5V for the SSD,CF,USB card.

4pin CPU plug will fit with 8pin CPU socket of the Main Board

OS SSD,CF as Music Disk and Clock upgrade

PPA low jitter TCXO with digital output transformer for the main clock upgrade of the Main Board.
This upgrade will decrease the distortion and to make more smooth listening and analog like.

SATA II audio grade SSD for the OS,
This SSD could ran at SATA II speed on any SATA III socet of the Main Board.
It is better than any SATA III SSD.

CF as Music Disk,
Load the music file to the CF from the NAS,External HHD,USD disk.......then play music from the CF for the better sound quality!

Heat sink tube for vibration control and EMI shield.

Heat tube for the south bridge too

It is not more than 40 degree after playing 720p video after 2 hours,
Very good result.

Streacom FC5 Music server performance in the audition room.
Speaker:Watt/puppy 7
Power Amp:GM 200W mono+mono
Pre amp:DIY FM
LP:Garrad + EMT

Server:PPA Streacom FC5

DUAL PC for jplay
Control PC

 Control PC 

MB:gigabyte GA-H87N-WIFI

Dual GHz lan ports with WIFI

4pin XLR socket for the external power transformer input

Dual +12V regulator module,
+12V for the +12V pico box,
SSD,CF powered from the pico box.
The other +12V for the CPU.

32G Audio grade SSD for the OS,
64G Audio grade SSD for the music file,
Rip audio file to music SSD and transfer to NAS or external HHD for storge. 
Play music from music SSD for the best sound quality.
(Please load files from NAS or external HHD to the music SSD first the play from music SSD. ) 

SATA extension board for the External DVD burner or HHD,
Offer 4pin Molex socket to powered the DVD burner and HHD.
Because this  power supply is from the pico.
Recommend to use single DVD burner or single HHD only.
To powerthe NAS or HHD tray may burn the pico box!!

Clock upgrade for the Main Board.

Red SATA slim with angle connector

160W pico box with audio grade power cables

Audio PC is similer to Control PC but with USB card for the Audio Output and without the Music SSD.

External power transformer unit.

One transformer unit include twin 150W power transformers for both control PC and the audio PC.

Power unit offer AC110V or 220V,
Audio grade connecting cables.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The total solution with Streacom FC8

This Music Server is in small size but with very high sound quality !





Main board







Main clock



Heat sink tube


Music SSD and V2 USB card




Red SATA slim and pico box


120W Linear PSU,

This PSU is the one of the best PSU you can find


Heavy metal chassis approx 7kgs


Audio grade power cables


Back panel


DC output cable



I recommend to use  "Windows Server 2012 R2" with "AudiophileOptimizer (AO) by"



 You will get very high sound quality in a small size!