Saturday, October 5, 2013


With pico box in external linear PSU input.

Top view.
Gigabyte GA-H87M-D3H Main Board with i7-4770T CPU

Pico Box PSU with audio grade power cable

Input socket of pico box PSU,
Could be replace the socket to fit the linear PSU

Riser for V2 USB card

V2 USB card need to powered by a +5V/1-3A from pico box,
If you are using a linear PSU for the pico box.
It is not much difference with sound quality to power V2 card from a separate +5V linear PSU

CF as SSD will provide the best sound quality to any SSD

CF as SSD has used the same connector with regular SSD

SATA cable with 70 degree connector

As my SATA cable is anti twist,
You could bend the body of sata cable for easier install,
And the SATA cable won't be demage.

SATA extension card,
Please keep the connector straight to avoid the bad contact.

The bracket os SATA extension card.

The main clock of Main Board upgraded with low jitter TCXO with output transformer.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why I don't use Lan Isolato

 This is my NAS in heavy aluminum chassis

My NAS has upgraded clocks also.
Powered by linear PSU,
The router powered by linear PSU too.

This NAS is fanless,
Chip & HHD using chassis as a heatsink.
Working tem. under 50 degree Celsius.
I hear no noise with my NAS,
So I don't use Lan Isolator.