Sunday, May 8, 2016


CD-Ripping Guide
Recommend to use the DVD-Burner made of  MediaTek chip,
ASUS DVD-Burner is using MediaTek chip.
There is no clock inside the ASUS DVD-Burner,
If you have good SATA cable & good main board clock,
It will be better than any  DVD-Burner with clock inside.

In the other hand,
To ensure the ripping quality,
You will need to use your best sever for the ripping.

DVD-Burner with solid aluminum suspend block

12V lead-acid battery to powered the DVD-Burner

12V & 5V battery adapter for the 12V lead-acid battery

Using 1M SATA cable connect to the server

Please use the Demagnetizing Magnetc Memagnetizer   for CD before rip

Very nice music & recording 

I am using foobar2000 to rip CD.

Ripping Demo Pieces: