Sunday, September 15, 2013


Multi-core conductor has much higher bandwidth than single core conductor and bandwidth is a very important parameter in digital audio applications. 

Corresponding to the sound performance, 
multi-core conductor will have rich harmonics and detail and with low and high frequency extension. 
Single-core conductor will have high denseness to the vocal (mid. and low-mid. range).

The TZ YUN Grey, Blue and Red cables use multi-core conductor so they have a similar sound style. 
The main difference between the Grey, Blue and the Red cable is the silver content.
The Grey cable uses 10uM silver plating.
The Blue cable uses 15uM silver plating.
The Red cable uses 20uM silver plating.
Multi-core conductor with 20uM silver plating is expensive, 
even more expensive than the single-core pure silver conductor. 
My experience is that the multi-core conductor will be the best choice for a digital cable. 
That is why I only use multi-core conductor for my digital cables. 
Grey, Blue, Red and the JCAT cables have the same basic performance and they are well balanced across the entire frequency range. 
Although the JCAT cable is the same grade as the Red cable the JCAT cable is designed according to JPLAY's request. 

The main difference between them is the JCAT cable is built using high density Z stranded as the central core with the outside of the inner cable has used mid density S stranded. Please refer to the picture. 
This mean that the JCAT cable will combine the strong points from both the single-core and multi-core conductor designs. 
This conductor is more expensive than the Red cable, 
so the JCAT cable price is slightly higher than the Red cable. 

I recommend you to use the JCAT cables with the Jplay Ultrastream mode. 
That will be a perfect match!!

The Grey cable has a very high value cost to performance ratio.
In the majority of CATs the Blue cable is a great choice. 

The Red cable is designed for a high-end grade CAT.
The Red cable is absolutely the highest performance cable, 
it needs an high-end grade CAT to appreciate the full performance.  

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