Monday, January 27, 2014

Streacom FC5 with Linear regulator and pico box PSU

Streacom FC5 aluminum chassis

Lay out

Two regulator modules in 3 rails output

Single rail +20v output for the wide range pico box,
Output socket compatible with my pico box.

Wide range pico box

Two rails module,
+12V for the CPU,
+5V for the SSD,CF adapter and USB card.

4pin ATX connector is compatible with 8pin CPU socket

20cm Red sata slim is fine.

Heat sink tube for the CPU

Heat sink tube for the south bridge

Heat sink tube has vibration control and EMI shield function also.
It will improve the sound quality.

CPU testing

Using i7-4770 84W CPU,
The temperature on the top point of CPU is under 40 degree after playing 720p video for 5 hours.

Audio grade SSD with Red sata slim cable for the O.S..

64G CF card as the Music Disk

Main clock upgrade

Memory upgrade

If you are interested,
You could try 16 multiplier for CPU and RAM,
CPU ran 1.6G and the RAM ran 1600.

External power transfpr mer with the heavy full aluminum chassis.
Size:300mm x 140mm x 120mm,
Weight:approx 9 kgs.

 Dual 150VA(150W) power transformers.

Soldering with pressure for the best connecting.

 Offer 110V or 220V AC input,
4pin XLR socket for the output.

 Connecting cables

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Single Rail Regulator

Appliance with the CPU under 54W

External power transformer :
1.AC 18V/8A-12A for +20V Regulator Module
2.AC12V/12A-16A for +12V Regulator Module

A 4pin XLR for connect External Power Transformer and Regulator Module,
Pin1 and 2 with red mark for the first(Low Input),
Pin3 and 4 with yellow mark for the second(High Input)
"Single Rail Regulator used pin1,2 or pin3,4 only"

Single Rail Regulator Module:
1.+20V for Wide Range Pico Box PSU
2.+12V for +12V Pico Box PSU

Pico Box PSU:
1.160W Wide Range Version
2.160w +12V Version

 CF AS SSD,USB CARD,CPU powered by Pico Box PSU

  Single Transfrmer for Dual Rails Regulator
Appliance with the CPU under 54W 
1. External power transformer : AC12V/12A-16A 
2. Regulator Module: Daul +12V
3.Pico Box PSU: 160w +12V Version

One rail for the CPU.
Another rail for the Pico Box .
CF AS SSD,USB CARD powered by Pico Box PSU

 Dual Transfrmers for Single Rail + Dual Rails Regulator
 Appliance with the CPU under 70W 
1. External power transformer 1 : AC12V/12A-16A (AC 18V/8A-12A)
2. External power transformer 1 : AC12V/12A-16A
4. Regulator Module: Single Rail +12V (+20V)
5. Regulator Module: Dual Rails +12V and +5V
6.Pico Box PSU: 160w +12V Version (Wide Range Version)

Single Rail Regulator Module to powered the Pico Box PSU,
Dual rails Regulator Module +12V to powered the CPU,
+5V to powered the SSD and USB card.

Friday, January 3, 2014


This is my 120W Linear PSU,
Using a heavy full Aluminum Chassis as the Heat sink for the Regulator Module.
Fanless and Sealed to ensure the top Sound Quality.
Net weight over 8Kg,
Height 140mm,Wide 120mm,Deep 300mm.

A Linear PSU including Power Transformer and Regulator Module.

You could move the Regulator Module inside the Music Server also,
Of cause you have to use a Aluminum Chassis as the Heat Sink for the Regulator Module.

Separating Power Transformer will provide more options with low profile chassis for your Music Server.

You could replace the Power Transformers for the different grade of the Sound Quality also.

This is a hand made Audio Grade Regulator Module ,
One module could be single rail or dual rails DC output.
With fully heat sinking,
Single rail will offer 3.3V to 24V with 12A(max.) DC output,
Dual rails will offer 3.3V to 24V x2 with 6A each(max.) DC output.

Hand made regulator offer the reasonable lay out of the circuit,
And the lowest resistance at high current output.

Assembly with seleted audio grade components.
Compatible with Aluminum Chassis and Streacom FC5,FC9,FC10 chassis.

Fixing screw from side heat sink

Fixing screw from bottom board.