Monday, April 1, 2013

Why the SATA cable make sound different?

The SATA BUS contains a transmit and receive 2set of  balanced signal
Both contains CLOCK inside the bus
And SATA bus bandwidth up to 3GHz 
So SATA cable need a very high performance conductor  

Although the regular SATA cable can also be functioning of the PC
But that is because of OS's error correction function
With regular SATA cable
Your CAT will always do a lot of error corrections
So a regular SATA cable will degrade the SQ to your CAT

With my SATA cable
OS's working will became simple & continuous
So my SATA cable do a big improvement in SQ
This improvement do not need you to do a AB blind testing
Just replace my SATA cable
You will hear the big different right away  

For general user
You don't need any instruments to prove that
Because my SATA cable make your OS working simple & continuous
So you will get a shorter booting time,
This should prove the performance of my SATA cable

And with the similar reason
Use my SATA cable
You will have a shorter cd ripping time 
And got better SQ from cd ripping

The conductor of my cable
Have been fully tested with professional instruments

After a lot of R & D
All conductors of my cable now
Are multi-cores of silver-plated copper alloy
This is the best conductor for digital audio cable I have tried

With my SATA & USB cable
Your CAT will became a wonderful source
Over a year
I had over 500 users world wide now
And have many postive feedbacks from those users.
So use my cable with confidence

ODM of SATA & USB cable is welcome 
Any question,please contact 

Although these sata cables is not directional in manufacturing process,
But many users claim that my sata cable has a stronger performance for certain direction
For this reason,
All my sata cables have marks on it to identify,
You could try my sata cable's direction before burning the cable,
Higher energy,more smooth will be the right direction for the cable.
And these cables used silver-plated copper alloy,
You should burn these cables 200hrs at least,
And these cables will need 6 months for full performance.