Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The total solution with Streacom FC10

This is a High End grade of Music Server and very easy to settle.

Full view

Main Board : Gigabyte H87M D3H

Heat sink tube,
With vibration control and EMI shield.

 Heat sink  tube for the south bridge too

CPU testing



i7-4770T ran at X8 multiple (800Hz)

i7-4770 ran at X8 multiple (800Hz)


After testing,
I recommend to use the i7-4770T.
It is better than Pentium,i3,i5.

Customer made DDR3 1600 4G x 2

DDR3 1600 ran at 800Hz

Customer made DDR3 power filter module


+20V regulator for the wide range PICO box

Dual rails regulator,
+12V for the CPU,+5V for the SSD,CF,USB card.

I don't recommend to use another LPSU for the +5V and 3.3V to the main board,
It is no meaning at all.
That is because of there are many power manager IC on the MB as the same as the pico box.
Just LPSU for the pico box and LPSU for the CPU,SSD will be good enough.

Main Board clock upgrade

SATA extension board and V2 USB card

No more need the EMI sheet,
These aluminum blocks with EMI shield and vibration control.

Audio Grade SSD for the OS

CF as Music SSD

4PIN XLR socket for the power input

Power cable for the external power transformers

Heavy metal chassis for the external power transformers 

300mm x 120mm x 140mm,approx 9kgs weight.

Dual 150W power transformers made by my self

Audio grade cables for all conecting

I recommend to use  "Windows Server 2012 R2" with "AudiophileOptimizer (AO) by"

With both hard ware and soft ware.
You will get the top grade of the Music Server far over others. 

The audition room of FC10 user.
Stereo system on the left side,
Video system on the right with projector and auto screen.

Stereo system:
PPA Streacom FC10 music server
PPA 120W LPSU for DDC and DVD-BURNER for ripping
PPA Transformer unit for the FC10 music server
Remote Pre Amp.
PPA DORA 200W x 2 Power Amp.

This user has removed his CD transport costs $USD5,000,
That is because of this FC10 music server is much much better than the orginal CD transport that he had used.



  1. Hi! again Mr.Paul. I love what you did so much. Can you do some additional part on this for me?
    I need to use it like a regular PC (such as mouse,keyboard can be applied and vdo out from HDMI also available) bcuz i mainly stream media from TIDAL through Roon player, QUOBUZ perhaps in the future and some from youtube through Jriver.
    Could you do some customize for me? and How much it cost?
    Thanks Mr.Pual..

  2. Hi Paul Pang, thank you for sending me the PPA Streacom fc10 audio server and the Streacom fc8 power transformer. Even without any optimization software and WS2012 core, the server is sounding really good on GUI mode. Will go to next steps soon after a few days. The drivers and OS you pre-installed are working well.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Your upgrade kits sound awesome! It's just the second day of burn in period.
    The sound is sooo pure.. clean... analogy like a hi end analog source.
    Huge sound stage and a very good subtlety details and harmonics.
    It works fine. No problem at all.
    Thanks for building such a good thing for me. ^_^

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