Friday, January 25, 2013

Optimize the Musiland 01USD DDC

Some friends of mine have heard the modified 01USD.
It sounds good in neutral & well balance.
So they asked me to do some more.

This project is planning to use 4pcs of 18650 Lithium battery-powered
And USB +5V  charging the battery
Battery-powered is ideal and cheap to DDC
Because if you use a  linear PSU for 01USD
For a better sound quality,
You need to use an expensive power cord.
And battery-powered has a very low noise floor &  high resolution to full sonic range.

This is a new development silver wire output transformer for clock generator

 Output waveform of low jitter TCXO with buffer 

Output waveform of low jitter TCXO with buffer plus silver wire output transformer

As seen from the above waveform diagrams
The clock with better electrical characteristics after plus transformer
The results presented in acoustically 
are better texture,more stable image & more 3-dimensional space
And SQ  is naturally smooth, low distortion just like analog source!

Testing sample of second-generation resonance control small chassis

With two aluminum brick grip the main chassis
Very nice in the resonant characteristics and sound quality

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