Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Solution with CD RIP

This is my cat,
Base on a MINI ATX MB with ATOM330 cpu & nVdia ION chip for 1080P video playback
Fanless,Full linear PSU, Sealed full aluminum chassis.
All my ripping & playing with this CAT

I have changed Green Label SATA into TZ YUN III SATA recently
That is because  Green Label is monitor style
It is near field listening,
Everything is clear and need a good optimization CAT for better result.
TZ YUN III is more smooth listening but in Green Label acoustics
Something like sitting in the 15th line of music hall to listen.
This CAT is for ripping & playing music
It is not a AV workstation,
So I like TZ YUN III more.
These TZ YUN III are prototype

End product of TZ YUN III SATA

I use CF card as OS & DATA disk
CF need very low power supply & better SQ to SSD

Two 18650 3.7V Lithium battery with auto charge for  CF
It is more detail in full range,higher S/N ratio & more extension to high frquency than linear PSU.

 This unit has 2 separate +5V output and up to supply 2 SSD in 4pcs 18650 battery.

I use 01USD as USB to SPDIF converter
This 01USD has been  modified almost in everything,
Every chips has it's own power supply,replace low jitter Clock,
Superb grade silver pulse transformer for spdif output.
And in a sturdy full aluminum chassis.

01usd has a well balance response and less coloring tone
After modified,It has very good sound quality!

I use DVD burner,
Ripping data via eSATA to CF data disk  inside the chassis

DVD burner's power is supply from my cat
My cat support 2 separate linear PSU for DVD burner & HDD

 Restore ripping data to HDD in 3 layer anti-vibration platform outside the chassis

Mike Garson's The Oxnard Sessions  for  ripping demo

DVD burner in single platform

demo piece

DVD buner in 3 layer platform

DEMO piece

You should hear the different between these 2 files
CD RIP is the basic elements of CAT
Worth to invest more effort


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