Friday, April 6, 2012

"Green Label" The Professional Audio Grade USB & SATA Cables

A recording engineer by profession, 
I specialize in live concert recordings. 
I found most commercial USB and SATA cables that I use for my digital recording system to be lacking. 
Hence started my journey to build cables that would meet up to my stringent requirements for sound quality with neutrality and balance figuring very highly and using live concert sound as the benchmark. 
Some videos of my work.

For professional audio
All equipments must have highly quility in sound performance
Neutral and balanced are basicly requirements
And very clear sound's shape & contour 
The most important thing is those equipments must provide natural living and smooth sense as live concert
So I have developed Green Label USB & SATA for professional audio
In addition to my own use
Green Label USB and SATA is created with the above qualities in mind and is now widely used by other recording engineers here in Taiwan
As analog cables run low frequency signals and digital cables run higher frequency data and clock signals, 
analog tuning techniques such as gas fill in, oil fill in, cable ring and SATT cannot be accurately implemented to digital.

The solution to overcome this problem is to treat digital cable as a hardware of CAT.

SATA cables tend to be more difficult to develop as they require a much wider bandwidth.
 To achieve this the application of SATA Generator, SATA Analyzer and professional AP is utilized.
 SATA performance also requires the measurement of clock jitter as well as the transmitted and received signals.

All my cables have been designed with one goal in mind, 
and that is to achieve as close as possible transmission of signals in very high end and much more expensive cables that are currently being used in professional PC based audio equipment eg hard disk recorder, a/v workstation, PC recording interface etc… but at a more affordable and realistic price.

Green label has discontinued.
TZ YUN III is Green label upgrade version and in the same price.
It is more fuller & smoth than Green Label.

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