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In my research,
Sata cable became the weakness point to the modern pc base music source
It is because that has no audio grade sata cable in the market
All sata cable you have seen were costdown products
So I evolved sata cable for my music server half year ago
And that sata cable has great improvement of the sound

Here are feedbacks from users of my sata cable
Feedback from High End Speaker designer:
Dear Mr. Pang,
The cables arrived and I installed them on my PC.

I had in general 4 SATA cables (SSC, 2HDD, CD Drive) and removed all and installed yours on the SSC (with Win 7 OS on it) and the other on the one HDD with music.
I let my SATA filters from SotM in place for the first testing.

What to say? I was a huge improvement on the sound.
Much more naturallness in the tone colours and harmonics much more resultion and staging. Incredible.
The only drawback was that I first had the impression of less punch in the bass.
Today I listened again and the bass was o.k.;
may contact settlement or burn in of silver cables.

Overall the improvement is huge.

My system consists of a
- dedicated main power chord in the wall
- Fuructech wall outlet
- Fono Acustica Armonico PC
- Vertex AQ Hi-Res Taga distributor block (2 - one one the digital component; one on the analog)
- Vertex AQ Hi-ResJaya Shunt filters (5)
- PC (feed with Fono Acustica Armonico PC)
- silver SUB lead
- Human Audio Tabla USB/SPDIF converter
- Vertex AQ Aletheia DAC
- Vertex AQ Hi-Res interconnects and speaker cables
- Thrax Dionysus and Spartacus - preamp and poweramp
- Kaiser Kawero Speakers
- 7 Lessloss Blackbodies
- 6 Steinmusic harmonizers
- 32 Tchang sugarcubes
- dedicated room acoustics (more than 60000 Euro invest) with custom tuned absorbers and diffusors

-Kuzma Stabi 4 XL with 4 point tonearme and My Sonic Lab Emminent cartridge -Audio Research Reference 2 phono

I am so satisfied with your cables that I would love to exchange the other Sata cables in my PC as well.

Thank you very much

Feedback from co-auther of cplay:
I received the silver sata cables a few days ago and have allowed for some burn in time in the system.

What can I say, the improvement in SQ is definite!
I get lower a noise floor giving better definition to low level details.
This is like doing a power supply upgrade and more.
Do you understand why this is the case?
Perhaps the all important mobo chipset sees a superior ground connection?

Thank you very much for sharing - I think you should go mainstream and offer this product to the public.

Feedback form co-auther of jplay:
Hello Pang,
I picked up the package today,
thank you for your great service!
I've tried USB cables so far.
I have to tell you that I'm truly amazed by the performance!
Your USB cables, especially green one,
made the most dramatic improvement in my system I can remember!!!
My jaw is on the floor.
And believe me, I have few very expensive USB cables:
SotM 7N silver streamed, Acoustic Revive SP and 1500EUR VertexAQ HiRez Illimani.
And you know what?
They all sound like crap in comparison to your cables.
Even the yellow one is better than VertexAQ!( Who would have thought?
I'm very confused, it looks so modest, but the sound is thrilling.
The green one is the most detailed and yet most enjoyable USB cable I've heard.
Absolutely stunning.
I've had goosebumps all over my body today which hasn't happen for a longer while until today.
Now I have to ask you for your other products,
I just have to, because based on my today's experience,
you're a true genius when it comes to audio.
I bet your other products are on par,


After 3 months, Integrated hundreds of user's feedback
Second generation sata cable has the conductor of the newly developed
And the unique structure to create unparalleled dynamic & liveness than first generation

Rugged connectors to improve reliability

 Although this sata cable could be made of  right angle connector type

But the design of this sata allows up to 180 degree bending down
And will not damage the structure of connector
So normal type will sufficient to mostly of usage

These sata cable provide 40CM,60CM,80CM cable lengthIf you need BEST SATA CABLE IN THE WORLD
Your payment could via PayPal in USD

My PayPal account:

List of price

40CM $149USD

60CM $199USD

80CM $249USD

Shipping will be 12USD-18USD with EMS from Taiwan

For overseas sales and will ship worldwide


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